Antimicrobial Clothes Safe and Effective

Consider a fabric that feels as light as a spring, even after you’ve pushed your natural limits to the limit. Always clean and fresh Impossible? Reconsider your position. The Leela Quantum Tech prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause unwanted body odours thanks to an antibacterial clothing coating integrated into its fibres. You can feel even more secure in your clothes now that you’re not bothered by unpleasant odours. From activewear to intimate apparel, this technology can be applied to any type of clothing. Furthermore, they are exceptionally durable, preserving their anti-odour characteristics even after multiple washes.

Antimicrobial Clothes and fabrics have grabbed people’s interest in recent years because of their potential to reduce infection transmission in medical and healthcare settings. Antimicrobial qualities can also help consumer products operate better and last longer. Furthermore, the production of undesirable odours is decreased in these textiles. Because wound dressings come into close contact with broken skin, there are severe limitations for the sort of antimicrobial materials that can be used in the development of antimicrobial textile dressings to manage wound infection.

The antimicrobial technology adheres to a non-migrating, permanent coating to the fibres, breaking the microorganism’s cell membrane. As a result of this piercing mechanism, the microorganism is rendered inactive, stopping the bacteria’s development and proliferation. The advantages of reactive polymers, whose reactivity is related to antimicrobial agents, are then combined with this antibacterial effect.

When placed beneath your pillow, several of our Leela Quantum frequency cards will help you sleep better. Because we don’t normally require extra energy to sleep, we recommend that you are using our products during the day and remove them at night. It’s best to keep them out of the bedroom so they don’t wake you up. The frequency cards “Inner Peace” and “Sleep & Rest” are the exceptions. You can wear the Leela Quantum capsule overnight if you remove at least four of the five purple metal spheres.

Significant research has already been done out using organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as antibiotics, in order to develop antimicrobial textile materials. Because of the increased awareness of environmental issues, the use of natural ingredients as potential antibacterial agents on textiles has gotten a lot of attention recently. Although synthetic antimicrobial compounds are efficient against a wide range of bacteria and have a long-lasting effect on textiles, they have drawbacks in terms of side effects, non-target microbe action, and water pollution.

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